About Us

So Much Potential is a DACA and undocu-friendly college planning resource site, with most resources being specific to North Carolina.  So Much Potential is a project that has been organized by Dr. Laura Gonzalez, Associate Professor of Higher Education at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. However, many others made essential contributions to the work! 

Dr. Gonzalez would like to thank community volunteers who served on a leadership council (Margarita Kerkado, Kathy Hinshaw, Addy Jeffrey, Jose Sandoval and Yubi Aranda Sandoval, Dulce Ortiz, and graduate student Yesenia Mejia) and content experts who informed the website (Kattya Castellon, Maria Mayorga, Irving Zavaleta, Alice Dolbow, Saul Rodriguez, Jose Villalba, and Juana Hernandez).  In particular, Adelante NC and the College Foundation of North Carolina’s Spanish Services project were important sources of information, and the Center for New North Carolinians provided essential networks.

Funding for the project was provided by North Carolina Campus Compact, through the Engaged Faculty Scholars programThe School of Education at UNCG also supported Dr. Gonzalez’s participation in the Engaged Faculty Scholars program. Code the Dream brought the So Much Potential website to life.