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Welcome to “So Much Potential,” a DACA and undocu-friendly college planning resource site!

Our primary audience is school staff, with a special focus on school counselors as one of the key resource people along the path to college for any student. We know that learning about DACA or legal immigration status was not part of your training, so we hope to supplement your knowledge and bolster your ability to work with all students. This site will provide resources that you can navigate quickly if you are learning on-the-job while helping one of your students who has DACA, is undocumented, or lives in a mixed status family. We are happy if other school staff members, community members, students, or family are able to use this site as well!  Our only purpose is to shine a light on the pathway to college for all students who want it.

After you have read “The Basics for School Staff,” you may move directly to the section that is most relevant to the questions your student is asking you. In general, those tend to fall into the categories of “admissions,” “financial aid,” and “FAQ’s” ….” You can look in “North Carolina regional resources” to connect your student with a network of folks who can help guide the way, and “Planning/Delivering Services” for ideas on how your school can take a unified approach to supporting students. Don’t miss the insider tips at the bottom of the page! Your student does not have to walk this pathway alone, and neither do you.